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Vive Health 3 Wheel Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter - For Precise Turns - Long Distance, Comfort Swivel Seat w/ Anti Flat Tires For Seniors

Vive Health 3 Wheel Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter - For Precise Turns - Long Distance, Comfort Swivel Seat w/ Anti Flat Tires For Seniors

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    Easily navigate over smooth surfaces and up and down inclines of nine degrees or less


    An intuitive control panel with the speed adjustment knob provides greater safety and control when navigating indoor and outdoor surfaces


    Easily disassemble the scooter into four pieces to fit in most vehicles for on the go use


    Included charger allows you to charge the standard 12V/12AH batteries on the scooter or easily remove the battery pack for convenient off-board charging


    Swivel seat and contoured backrest are height adjustable and covered with a supple black vinyl for greater comfort and easy cleaning


    Each scooter includes a sturdy front tiller basket, a high-intensity LED headlight and horn for added safety


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How heavy is the Vive Mobility scooter?

The Vive mobility scooter weighs 77 pounds. The heaviest piece when disassembled for transportation is 29 pounds.

Can the Vive scooter make it over a 2” doorstep?

The Vive scooter has a ground clearance of 1.57” and will not be able to clear 2” doorsteps.

What type of battery does the scooter use?

The Vive scooter uses two, 12V/12AH batteries.

Does this scooter beep when backing up?

No, the Vive scooter does not beep when in operating in reverse.

Will I be able to take the battery off of the scooter for charging?

Yes, the battery pack is removable for convenient off-board charging.


How does the scooter handle hills?

The Vive scooter is designed to safely handle inclines of 9 degrees or less.

Is the battery and charger included?

Yes! The Vive scooter includes a compatible battery pack and charger.

What is the weight limit for the Vive scooter?

The Vive scooter safely supports up to 265 pounds.

Does the scooter have a reverse for backing up?

Yes! The Vive scooter can be driven in reverse, perfect for backing out of elevators, hallways and similar areas.

Is the scooter easy to put together?

Yes! The Vive mobility scooter is easy to assemble, disassemble & use. No tools required. Watch the short assembly video below: 

Are the tires solid?

Yes, the flat-free tires are solid and non marking for safely navigating indoor surfaces.

Does the scooter include a front basket?

Yes! The Vive scooter includes a front basket that can be removed if desired.

How high is the scooter seat?

The scooter seat height is adjustable between 18.5” and 21.5”.

Is the scooter TSA approved?

Yes, the scooter is TSA approved and safe for air travel.

What should I know before using my scooter for the first time?



    Key Specs:

    • Top Speed: 3.70 mph
    • Maximum Drive Range Per Charge: 12.4 miles
    • Heaviest Piece: 29 lbs.
    • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs.
    • Total Weight: 77 lbs.

    General Specs:

    • Front Tires: 7.5"
    • Rear Tires: 7.5"
    • Maximum Speed: Up to 3.7 mph
    • Ground Clearance: 2.00”
    • Turning Radius: 2.6’
    • Overall Length: 37"
    • Overall Width of Base: 19.67"
    • Seat-to-Ground Height Range: 18.5" to 21.5”
    • Seat Dimensions: 17" x 14.5”
    • Seat Material: Black vinyl, molded composite base
    • Seat-to-Deck Height Range: 16.25" - 17.25"
    • Total Weight: 77 lbs.
    • Weight of Heaviest Piece: 29 lbs. (Rear base)
    • Battery Requirements: (2)12AH
    • Maximum Range Per Charge: Up to 12.4 miles
    • Battery Charger: Off-board charger, 2amp
    • Brakes: Electronic, regenerative and electromechanical
    • Motor: 24-volt DC motor, sealed mini-transaxle
    • Maximum Weight Capacity: 265 lbs.
    • Standard Body Colors: Red, Blue, Silver

    What’s Included:

    • Vive 3-Wheeled Mobility Scooter
    • Off-board battery charger

    Guarantee Policy:

    • frame - 5 years
    • electrical - 6 months
    • batteries - 6 months
    • horn - 6 months
    • controller - 6 months
    • handles - 90 days
    • charger - 90 days
    • battery case - 60 days
    • wheels - none / on arrival 30 days
    • screws / bolts / nuts - none / on arrival 30 days
    • cushions / seats - none / on arrival 30 days
    • paint / panels - none / on arrival 30 days
    • keys - none / on arrival 30 days

     818323025545 (Silver); 818323025538 (Blue)

    Product Number: MOB1025SLV (Silver); MOB1025BLU (Blue); MOB1025RED (RED)

    Shipping Weight: 78 lbs (Can break down in a few piece. Heaviest piece is 29lbs)


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