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Himiway Zebra Premium All-Terrain 750W Fat Tire Electric Bike

Himiway Zebra Premium All-Terrain 750W Fat Tire Electric Bike

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Himiway Electric Bikes

Himiway Zebra

Himiway Zebra, the updated version of Himiway Cruiser, is equipped with powerful 750W gear hub motor and upgraded inner ring. The design of 26-inch Kenda fat tire strengthens the traction, avoiding slipping on the ground and sinking in mud or snow. With removable 960Wh Samsung/LG battery capacity and 52 5000mAh cells, the riding mileage of the Zebra ebike is 80 miles with pedal assist and 60 miles range with pure electric power. Get your Zebra, and keep wild on Himiway.


FREE With Purchase:

- 2yr Warranty Free ($529 Value)
- Rear Pannier Rack ($85 value)
- Charger ($55 value)
- Mud Fender Set ($55 Value)
- Bright Headlight ($49 Value) 
- Tail Light Reflector ($55 Value)
- Lifetime Customer Support (Priceless) 



Note: All Himiway bikes are covered under our manufacturer's 2-year all-inclusive warranty for the original owner against all manufacturing defects (All free Accessories are not covered by warranty service).

  • Go Further Than Ever

    - Sturdy Rear Rack

    - Smooth Ride

    - Twist Throttle

    - 7 Speed Gear Shift System

    - Multifunctional Display

    All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike Himiway Escape at Night

Updated 6061 Aluminum Frame & Fully Integrated Battery Design. Himiway uses high-quality 6061 aluminum for the frame to give the bike unparalleled durability. Updated 6061 Aluminum Frame can handle more weight and pressure, and is especially friendly for those with taller and stronger figure. The integrated design gives you protection from inclement weather, eliminating up to 98% of common mechanical failures.



Superior Battery: Smaller Size & Longer Range & Shorter Charging Time

Himiway Zebra combines the new 48V 20AH Samsung/LG battery technology with a 5000mAh single cell capacity in a smaller size but larger diversity. Compared with 3500mAh cells made of nickel, cobalt and manganese, this 960Wh battery efficiently improves the range, stability and safety of Himiway bikes. A single charge can last up to 60 miles on pure electric power and over 80+ miles with pedal-assist. The battery will maintain 80% capacity after 1000 charges.

Please note: There are safety risks in modifying e-bikes and replacing battery chargers. It is recommended that you do not do so or operate under the guidance of professional personnel.

60-80 Miles

Per Charge

960 Wh

Total Battery Capacity


Single Cell Capacity

7 hours

Time Until Fully Charge


Backlight display provides the information of speed, mileage, power, etc.

Battery Capacity

A fuel gauge for your electrons.


Calculate how many miles you have ridden

Pedal Assist Level

Pedal assistance power adjustment.


Can be set to current speed, max speed, or average speed.

USB Charging

It can charge your dying cell phone.

Watt Meter

Displays motor power output in real-time.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 650 reviews
Lincoln Vanwienen
Great Bike for Long, City Commutes

I have been using my Himiway Cruiser for exactly three weeks today and I put on it already about 573 miles. I bike back and forth to work (20 miles each way, with a charge in the middle) on a mixture of park- and street-paved roads. It's great. I realized my dream of completely abandoning my car! My only regret is the breaks - a little noisy at times, but that has nothing to do with performance. I mostly travel on Level 3, I stand on the pedals on upward inclines to preserve power, and switch to lower gears approaching stop lights so I don't have to use the throttle to restart. I use the Level 5 speed when I am on rectilinear stretches of traffic-laden boulevards so I don't have to breath as much exhaust. (Sometimes I use a N95 for that reason too.) I ride all year (even with sub-freezing temperatures), so I can't wait to try it in cold temperatures to see how that affects the battery.

Lisa Thomensa
Great customer service

My seat broke at 453 miles on bike, I emailed them and no problem new seat coming, in my mind it would be foolish to get any other brand of ebike. Himiway is sold by dealers and bike shops, that says everything. I have the adventure model.

Gabriel Nelso
Awesome thing

Really enjoy the freedom I get having this bike. I have hip and back issues that have kept me from getting out and enjoying the greenways being built all over this area. Now my wife and I get out and hit the trail every weekend.

Gary Allen
Exactly What I Was Looking For

Someone recommended, I read, and then I ordered. I knew with the baskets I could convert in a matter of minutes into a fishing buggy to ride 2 miles each way every day to my fishing club. I am 75 years old. Thank you Himiway for a great product and company !!!

Judith Tauzin
Obsessed with this Bike

I am beyond thrilled with the experience of purchasing this bike. I was terrified that I would have buyers remorse after a large purchase like this, but right from the start I have gotten so much use out of the bike. It has allowed me to explore the city in a way I was never able to before.

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