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Himiway Cobra 750W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

Himiway Cobra 750W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

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Himiway Electric Bikes

Himiway Cobra Electric Mountain Bike

The Ultimate Off-Road Beast

Himiway Cobra

The Cobra ebike is equipped with powerful 750W gear hub motor and upgraded inner ring. It also adopts a strong high-end mountain bike four-bar linkage suspension and coil suspension, absorbing any bumps on the way down the trail. The 26”X4.8” CST super fat tires, as the biggest ebike tires in the U.S. market, make riding more stable to suit all road conditions.

Four-Bar Linkage Suspension & Coil Suspension

Himiway Cobra is the first e-bike on the U.S. market with four-bar linkage suspension technology. The four-bar linkage represents a four-sided polygon: the chain stay, seat stay, rocker, and seat tube. These specialize in absorbing both rear-upward force and vibrations, while the coil suspension ensures front stability. Both suspensions guarantee your safety in the toughest riding conditions


The thumb throttle are designed for professional cycling enthusiast. Your both hands are more capable of keeping the balance of Himiway Cobra pro.


The Selle Royal Saddle features a comfortable design specially made for pressure relief.


The Himiway independent R&D luminosity taillight is 20% brighter than LED light. Visibility is improved to guarantee your safety while riding at night.


The Shimano 7 speed gear shift system offers you more choice while riding in a variety of conditions. Along with the pedal-assist system, you can find the speed that suits your journey. Using this system accurately can increase the range of a single charge by up to 15%.


The four-bar linkage represents a four-sided polygon: the chain stay, seat stay, rocker, and seat tube.


The durable Himiway suspension fork has preloaded adjustments for the spring’s stiffness and a lock-out lever. With 80mm of available compression, it is the perfect fit for your chosen terrain.


Hydraulic brakes provide superior braking performance and durability. With proper maintenance, there won't be a decline in braking power for 5 years.


Durable aluminum crankset guards provide protection to the chainring and assists the chainstay while traveling over rugged terrain.


The 26 X4.8 Cheng SHIN all-terrain fat tires are the biggest fat tires in the U.S. e-bike market, providing upgraded grip and traction on rugged roads. Even in the most challenging terrains and weather conditions, these fat tires guarantee your safety and offer you an smooth and easy riding experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 213 reviews
Robber Prerly
Good value for money!

I’ve have only got 25 miles in on it haven’t had much time to ride looking forward to getting more miles in . The mid drive is a little different than the hub drive , the more I ride it the more I like it so far so so good.

Philip Calandro

Love the bike But your seat Way To Hard got a diff. one ordered the bike does just what I wanted it to do

Melissa Lazor
Great Fun ! King of The Trails !

Great Ride. Don't want to go home. Had to get a second battery for all day rides here in Fla. Himiway seat was must for me. No pain or fatigue. A lot of exploring some off trail. Bike is stable with 4”tiires. And brakes more than capable. Handles big boy weight easily im 6’2” and The 400lb capacity makes it feel sturdy and very capable. Lot of local exploring and back trails. Balanced at slower speeds manages technical nicely. 250 or so miles in and its dished it out no problem. Getting outside on nice days and exploring new areas is most excellent. Get One. Don't even think twice about it !

Logan Harris

I got this bike about a month ago and Ive already put over 400 miles on it. Im absolutely in love. Once you get on this thing you will never look back. Only issue i have is that the tires keep going flat but its an easy fix. This thing is powerful and goes just about anywhere. On a low PAS you could put 45 miles on this and still have battery to spare. Best purchase I ever made.

Cameron Bryan

Having a great time with my Himiway Bike on the hills of my home town. Looking forward to spending longer ride and not slowing down with age with the help of the E-Bike support!

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