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EcoFlow Smart Home Panel

EcoFlow Smart Home Panel

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EcoFlow DELTA 1300 Power Station (1260Wh) – Direct Generators Plus


The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel integrates EcoFlow DELTA Pro with your home to achieve a flexible, expandable home battery solution to store energy for later use. Link up to 10 of your home circuits for uninterrupted power during blackouts, smart energy management, and more. All while saving money in the process.

When a blackout hits, the Smart Home Panel immediately switches to your 10 integrated circuits and draws power from your DELTA Pro(s). You’ll barely notice a loss of power as your chosen circuits stay powered with a mere 20ms switchover time.

The Smart Home Panel supports and fast charges up to two DELTA Pro(s) at a time, alongside their extra batteries + smart generator(s). That gives you a potential 240V, 7200W output and 25kWh of capacity at your control, enough to power pretty much anything in your home, delivering days of power during blackouts.



Save money on your electricity bills.

Draw power from your DELTA Pro(s) to power your home during peak energy use hours, this lowers your bills and reduces pressure on the grid during peak hours. During off-peak hours, use low-cost/renewable energy to charge your DELTA Pro(s) back to full.


Achieve power self-sufficiency.

Reduce your reliance on the grid and prepare for blackouts. Opt for EcoFlow’s range of portable solar panels to store energy at any time, or charge from your AC coupled rooftop solar panels while the grid is on-line. No sun? We’re working on a wind turbine. No sun or wind? Charge via the grid. No sun, no wind, and a blackout hits? You’re still good. Lean on the EcoFlow Smart Generator as a last resort to charge your batteries.

Control each of your integrated home circuits via the EcoFlow app and get a birds-eye view of your energy consumption habits. Dive into the settings to customize your power use. You can optimize for home backup, saving money, or custom options to schedule your energy use based on your needs. Once you’re set, you can even control which power source your house uses, all from your phone.



Output Voltage

120V / 240V

System Frequency


# of Controlled Circuits


Rate Current

30A, 20A, 15A

Max Backup Power

3600W / 7200W

Max Connected Battery Energy


Charging Input (DELTA Pro)

3400W Max

IP Code



Wall mount, to be installed by a licensed electrician


3 Years


18.1 x 11.8 x 4.7 in / 460 x 330 x 120 mm


20 lb / 9 kg




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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ryan B.
Smart Panel provides great options

The smart home Panel provides a multitude of options in addition to controlling backup power. not only providing the ability to monitor all operations for each circuit, but gives you instant feedback on usage for each circuit and ability to control individual circuits at will. Most important to our "special needs" household, the smart Panel provides INSTANT switch to battry backup upon power outage--the lights don't even blink! Great product when turning PRO and wiring direct to your home!!

Jericho R.
EcoFlow Smart Home Panel

The Smart Home Panel was installed by a certified electrician. The electrician provided feedback in saying the installation was easy, straight forward, and that EcoFlow builds a product of high quality.

The user experience is very enjoyable and straight forward. I've been using the Smart Home Panel with supply from a Delta Pro and Delta Pro Battery (will be adding a second battery in the near future) to supplement power during outages, but mostly during different times of the day when kWh costs are higher (energy arbitrage).

I highly recommend the above set-up. This can be for anyone that would like to have electricity for power outages, energy storage options, peace of mind, and energy arbitrage.

Cody B.
Great Asset to Anyones Home

The panel work great, My only suggestion is a more detailed FAQ section in the user manual, Having the ability to fast charge my two DP"s w/ two extra SB's is an added bonus. My only difficulty was finding an electrician. In my area of Washington they are like unicorns.

Bob R.
All in on Ecoflow pro product line

This panel is pretty great. I wish Ecoflow allowed expandability like what is promised on the new Hysolis Apollo platform. For my home backup needs. 21KWH and 3200kw of solar input between the 2 Pros is not enough. 80 to 100 kwh storage, 12 -17 kw solar input and up to 12kw AC input would be sized just great.

Erin F.
Works as advertised

I wanted to give a shout out to the team at LetsEbike. The information and links to videos they sent out was very valuable to both me and my electrician. This made the installation go very easy. Support like this from the seller is on new technology priceless. The system is working very well. My wife and I have total confidence that our house will continue to function seamlessly in the event of a power outage. The piece of mind is worth the investment.

Let's Ebike

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