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TenPoint XR-410 Crossbow Package ACUdraw Pro

TenPoint XR-410 Crossbow Package ACUdraw Pro

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Sturdy Structure

TenPoint Crossbow has intelligently designed TenPoint XR-410 Crossbow with a solid but lightweight body structure that gives the shooter a crossbow with quality and efficiency that is not heavy to carry for a man and even a hunter women making TenPoint XR-410 one of the best choices for women hunters.

The material used in the manufacturing of TenPoint Crossbows is aluminum, which is a smart choice because it gives the crossbow durability, sturdiness, and lightness at the same time, which may be difficult to find in other crossbows of TenPoint Crossbows like TenPoint Turbo M1 Crossbow.

Elevated Power Stroke

The elevated power stroke in TenPoint XR-410 Crossbow is a result of reverse draw stroke that is a part of almost all TenPoint Crossbows and to know it better, you can compare any model of TenPoint Crossbows with Ravin’s model. A decreased draw weight is the specialty that adds to the elevated power stroke because typically, you will have to find a crossbow with a heavy reverse draw to have a power stroke.

However, in the TenPoint XR-410 Crossbow, the things are just opposite because the reverse draw is designed so that it has a lesser weight. Still, a more powerful stroke gives the shooter an increased speed because of the increased trajectory in TenPoint XR-410, as you will find in TenPoint XR-410 ACU Draw.

Less Pressure On Arms

Looking for a crossbow that does not exert pressure on arms is complex. Still, you may find out the right crossbow by searching a little like TenPoint Crossbows has offered one of their best model in the form of TenPoint XR-410 Crossbow because it reduces the pressure on the shooter’s arms and allows him to hunt like a pro for hours without getting tired or getting any strain in the arm.



  • Weight 7.4 lbs. 
  • Axle to Axle 6.5"
  • Power Stroke 17"
  • Speed 410 fps.
  • Length: 29.5"
  • Width: 12"/ 6.5"
  • Power Stroke: 17"
  • Draw Weight: 200 

The XR-410 package includes:

  • Quiver,
  • 3-Pro Elite 400 Arrows,
  • ACUdraw PRO & Rangemaster Pro Scope.
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