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TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow Package Graphite

TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow Package Graphite

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Crossbow package

It's all about TenPoint's brand-new crossbow, which was created as the prominent crossbow specifically for 2020. Despite the fact that the crossbow is new for 2020 from TenPoint, you can immediately see that it has a high degree of uniqueness owing to aspects such as being the shortest but greatest crossbow with extremely high kinetic energy and several other elements that catch the eye. Even in 2022, we can certainly state that the Viper S400 crossbow is packed with cutting-edge technology.


The revolutionary ACUSlide cocking operation, which is the first crank mechanism EVER that permits you to securely and discreetly cock and decock your crossbow, exemplifies the concept of modernity and progress of technology used in the design of this crossbow. The Viper S400 crossbow has a unique position and value since it incorporates a significant quantity of cutting-edge technology.

When we talk about the TenPoint Viper S400 in particular, we learn that it has a 2-stage zero creep S1 trigger, but the tale doesn't rest there, you'll notice a lot of functionality thanks to the combination of Micro-Trac barrel, RangeMaster Pro Scope, and Tec-X stock. The Viper S400, like most TenPoint crossbows, features the ACUSlide cocking and decocking mechanism.

When it comes to the quality and authenticity of crossbow construction, the brand is always the first thing that comes to mind. If you go with Tenpoint, you can rest assured that it is a well-known American brand that has been selling crossbows for over 27 years and has a stellar reputation. They're known for making high-quality, super-fast, and pinpoint-accurate crossbows. Do you want to know exactly where the masterminds are? TenPoint's engineering and production are done in Mogadore, Ohio if you're interested. The Vapor RS470 is one of three new crossbows launched by TenPoint for 2020, but the S400 is the most remarkable.

TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow | Shortest TenPoint Forward Draw

Here It is important to mention that the TenPoint viper S400 crossbow was solely created in 2020 but it became so popular that even in 2022 people are actually purchasing this product and preferring it over the others. The major thing that gives it an edge over the other similar crossbows is the de cocking system and Acuslide mechanism along with 3 Evo x centerpunch premium arrows that are the most important components of this extremely accurate and high-quality product.


  • Weight 7.5 lbs

  • Axel to Axel 7.2

  • Power Stroke: 11"

  • Draw Weight: 250

  • Width: 11" / 7.2"

  • Speed 400 fps

  • Length: 32"

The Viper S400 package includes:

  • Tech Quiver,

  • 3-EVO X Arrows,

  • ACUslide & Rangemaster Scope.


TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow | Shortest TenPoint Forward Draw

Etched Glass Aluminum Scope

TenPoint Crossbows has an integrated 8.5 inches long etched glass aluminum scope in TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow, with a 5x resolution that helps the hunter make an exact target by providing a detailed view of the target. 

On top of it?

The etched glass aluminum scope in TenPoint Viper S400 efficiently enhances hunting speed as the hunter has a clear view of the target from a very far distance, improving the arrow drop compensation. TenPoint Crossbows have also focused on this feature in other models as well. They know that an accurate shot can only be attained when the hunter can make an exact count of the target’s location using the scope. 

Vector-Quad Cable Technology

 TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow is equipped with high-quality RX-6 Cams with an ability to rotate 340-degrees that give the hunter a full surrounding view, increasing his proficiency in hunting the target. A 400 feet per second speed in the Tenpoint crossbows is because these innovative cams use vector squad cable systems. 

This vector squad cable system technology in TenPoint Viper S400 uses four cables that help release the cam lean and aid in generating a straight nock journey that confirms the pinpoint downrange accuracy. However, looking at the older models, the hunters will find two cable support for the cam that is insufficient to provide the vector squad system technology.

Micro-Track Fluted Barrel

The micro-track fluted barrel added to  TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow is built with aluminum and is more efficient, reliable, and lightweight. The micro track fluted aluminum barrel in TenPoint Viper S400 aims to reduce the flight deck surface by 50%. The reduced flight deck surface creates a less string-to-barrel connection in TenPoint Crossbows to aid the hunter with more accuracy and the long life of the string. 

Comparing  TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow with  TenPoint Siege RS410 Crossbow explains that the TenPoint Crossbow focuses on providing accuracy in its crossbows.

Arrows And Speed

TenPoint makes several pretty credible promises about the Viper S400's speed. It is said to be capable of firing arrows at speeds of up to 400 feet per second. Although these statements may not be 100 percent accurate, they are accurate to a great extent and may be expected to be 90-95 percent accurate when compared to official claims. TenPoint includes three Evo-X CenterPunch quality carbon arrows after carefully examining all of the characteristics. These arrow specs reveal that they weigh 445 grams and that the Viper S400 can only shoot the arrows at 370 feet per second.

If you stay with the Evo-X CenterPunch arrows, you can get the most out of this crossbow in terms of speed and usefulness. You may face some weight, causing them to go more slowly. They have higher kinetic energy, which is an interesting fact. The Evo-X CenterPunch arrows have around 135 FP KE, whereas the Pro-Lite Carbon arrows have approximately 132 FP KE.

Remember that employing the heavier arrow has the advantage of being less loud, which means it has the ability to absorb more force. You'll also notice less wear on the limbs and strings if you do it this way.

Size and speed

TenPoint has marketed it as their lightest forward-draw crossbow to date, which is undeniably another distinguishing aspect of this crossbow. We should, however, have quantitative information of its length and width. When uncocked, the TenPoint Viper S400 is 32 inches long, 11 inches broad, and 7.2 inches wide when cocked.

If you've heard of the TenPoint Turbo M1, you're probably wondering whether the Teoint S400 is somewhat shorter or longer. Even though the length variations are minor, the S400 has the virtue of being smaller.

Without attachments, the Viper S400 measures 7.5 pounds. It's not a tiny crossbow, but it's also not a hefty one. This crossbow has a good blend and is simple to use.

More about Scope

TenPoint has maintained the greatest level of quality by including a top-of-the-line sight with the Viper S400. TenPoint is the manufacturer, designer, and producer of this item. This scope isn't new. TenPoint first presented it five years ago, and it's undeniably a great scope that consumers adore!

So here is the fantastic RangeMaster Pro scope, which is simple to sight in for shots from 20 to 60 yards. You'll see that the scope has exceptionally clear sights, adjustable zoom from 1.5X to 5X, contrast lines, red or green dots, as well as the ability to make progress in the area. It's the Viper S400's fantastic scope!

Trigger and Shooting

If you're looking for a new way to view something, the TenPoint Viper S400 comes with an S1 Trigger. It is distinct from those seen on comparable short crossbows. If we look at the construction closely, we can see that it has a two-stage trigger with no creep and a crisp pull. TenPoint makes a number of promises regarding its excellent functioning, including the claim that it will improve your accuracy by 48 percent!

The Lock Latch is a wonderful construction with an incredible design that reduces string strain while allowing its box to rest for your new latch. When utilizing the crossbow, you'll note that it is always in the same place.

Assembly and disassembling

If you want to learn more about crossbow assembly and disassembly, the Viper S400 comes pre-assembled, so you won't have to go through the hassle of the assembly process. You might be wondering what you're supposed to do now. Remember that all you have to do now is fix the scope before you can cock and shoot the crossbow!

So, keep in mind that you don't even need to disassemble the Viper S400 storage unit. All you have to do now is learn how to get the most out of this tiny crossbow by learning how to hang it on a crossbow stand and then properly store it in a crossbow case.

However, you will not receive a crossbow case when ordering the TenPoint S400 crossbow. It's something you'll have to buy on your own, albeit it's not too expensive. We have pretty sweet deals here at Hunting Giant where we offer free crossbow cases with some Tenpoint models. You may go ahead and get crossbow covers from us as well. However, you have the option of selecting either the soft or the hard casing.


TenPoint has created a completely functional cocking operation, giving it a leading position and positioning it as one of the most cutting-edge technological products of the period. It's the first time you've ever been able to cock and decock your crossbow gently and softly, as well as drop the shaft whenever you want without destroying something.

This has been achieved thanks to a great deal of effort put into making the product good.

The ACUslide may be found in the Viper S400, which also has a new integrated braking system. To grasp how the cocking and decocking mechanisms function, you must first comprehend how the crankshaft functions. The brake system prevents the crank from unraveling when the lever is released. During the cocking or decocking procedures, it also protects the bow from dry-firing. All of this adds to the security features.

The ACUslide is used in TenPoint's new Tec-X Stock, which has a revolutionary stock configuration. Because the Viper S400 is the shortest, the stock is significantly smaller, reducing the crossbow's overall weight by more than half a pound. You can see from the previous description how this crossbow was designed to be the smallest and most productive in its performance. It possesses greater power and is significantly heavier while being the shortest.

Silent cocking and safety

The quietness and silent attributes of the TenPoint S400 give it an advantage. Hunters have often noted the remarkability of the silent characteristics when evaluating these crossbows since they are bestsellers at Hunting Giant. When cocking, you'll notice that it's completely quiet. But silence isn't the only thing you'll notice while cocking. It has a quick speed because of the high kinetic power and fires quite quietly for such a powerful crossbow.

As a result, you must avoid shooting several target arrows into the same place. Otherwise, you will very certainly shatter a large number of your arrows! The Viper S400 is really precise!

You do not, however, need to be concerned about the shooting. It's completely risk-free, and even a rookie can handle it. We didn't observe any wear or damage on the strings after shooting the TenPoint Viper S400 roughly 200 times. Anyone considering purchasing the S400 cross may be certain that it will be secure and useful.

The Viper S400 is likewise a crossbow package that is extremely safe to use while also being really effective and efficient. With the ACUSlide, you may securely cock and decock your crossbow. You do not need to be concerned about any difficulties that may occur as a result of the string because the producers guarantee that string wear will be minimal. Because of the very efficient de cocking system and Acuslide and de cocking mechanism, people have been actively acquiring TenPoint Viper S400 crossbows from our website.

New S1 trigger

S1 Trigger has been updated.

The explanation of the S400 would be incomplete without a detailed description of the new s1 trigger included with this crossbow package. TenPoint's new trigger is based on a straightforward five-piece design. It is crucial to note that the S1 is not a traditional trigger; instead, it is a skateboard rivet kind of trigger that provides the user with a happy, hypnotic, and pristine feeling while pressing the trigger.

It's worth noting that the trigger isn't a basic one like other single-stage triggers, instead, it's a two-part trigger, which implies there'll be little to no distance to release the crossbow after the first step.

Well, there is something really new about the Viper's New Trigger. When you look closely, you'll find that the trigger box moves down the rail to cock the bow. A nylon strap that can hold up to 1600 pounds is used to secure it. When the bow is cocked, the nylon strap no longer supports the full load; instead, TenPoint has developed a revolutionary innovation that will improve accuracy even more.

Well, if you've been wondering about the cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge techniques used in this crossbow, you'll be astonished to learn that you can also acquire a high-quality original addition.

The Trigger Lock Latch is an all-in-one solution with a novel design that allows the trigger box to rest on the new latch and reduces stress on the nylon strap attached to the ACUslide. This notion should be evident to you. This implies that your bow's trigger box will be in the exact same location every time, resulting in a 48 percent gain in downrange accuracy.

Tenpoint Crossbow

After reading this about this amazing crossbow package, you will love its micro trac barrel and Rangemaster pro scope. Various factors that make it quite a great hunting crossbow include a fixed dovetail mount, 2-stage zero creep design, 6 arrow tech quiver, and shortest forward draw. The TenPoint® Viper S400TM Crossbow Package with ACUslide has a total length of 32"L, making it a great alternative for hunting in areas where the room is limited. All the features are exceptional including the de cocking system which is basically the Acuslide cocking and de cocking system.

Despite its modest length, this TenPoint crossbow is capable of sending bolts whizzing downrange at rates of up to 400 fps, and the ACUslide cocking and de-cocking mechanism is particularly unique in that drawing and de-cocking is silent, simple, and safe. If you want to learn more about crossbow setup and disassembly, the Viper S400 comes pre-assembled, so you won't have to. You may be bewildered as to what to do next. Remember that you must first adjust the scope before you may cock and shoot the crossbow!

Recall that the Viper S400 storage unit does not need to be disassembled. All you have to do now is learn how to make the most of this small crossbow by carefully storing it in a case and hanging it on a crossbow stand.

The Tec-X stock is light and thin, making it easy to handle almost anywhere in the blind, logs, or over the plateaus! If you are already browsing the internet and are in search of a crossbow package with a Rangemaster Pro scope, shortest forward draw, centerpunch premium carbon arrows, silent cocking, high level of accuracy, proper field points, safety, and many other similar features, you should end up purchasing ten-point 7.5 lbs S400 hunting crossbow package that is extremely accurate.

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