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Rockpals Freeman 600W Portable Power Station - Solar Generator with Fast Charging, 110V AC Outlets

Rockpals Freeman 600W Portable Power Station - Solar Generator with Fast Charging, 110V AC Outlets

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Rockpals Freeman 600W Portable Power Station

Higher Wattage & Larger Capacity & Fast Charging

156 Watt fast charging, 12V regulated power supply, USB-C PD 60W and 3 USB ports, 3 * 110V pure sine AC outlets, 600 wattage output, 614.4Wh capacity battery

156 Watt fast charging

Multiple 11-Devices at Once

12V Regulated Power Outlet

Fast MPPT Solar Charging

Give Your Appliances More Run Time

Seven Charging Methods

Rockpals Freeman 600W Generator has multiple charging methods: Solar panels, wall outlets, car outlets, and USB-C PD outlets. You can use different ways at once, resulting in 7 total combinations for charging methods.
That takes as little as 3.5 hours to recharge 0%~80% for DC(96W) and USB-C PD(60W) simultaneous charging. and, it takes only 3 hours to recharge 0%~80% for Anderson Solar Charging Port(120W max) and USB-C PD(60W) simultaneous charging.

Preparing Your Off-grid Solar Generator For A Green And Clean Power Life

With the MPPT solar charge controller inside, the Rockpals Freeman 600W can be charged more efficiently. When paired with a compatible solar panel like the Rockpals 100W (sold separately), it can perform as a solar generator. Under full sun, two Rockpals 100W solar panels can charge the Rockpals Freeman 600W in just 5 hours from 0-80%. (Shop Rockpals 600W Solar Generator )

Solar Recharging Steps:
1. Find the DC interface or Anderson interface of Rockpals 100W Solar Panel;
2. Connect the DC interface or Anderson input of Rockpals 100W with the DC input or Anderson input of the Rockpals Freeman 600W Power Station.

Please Keep the Following in Mind While Solar Recharging:
1. Recharging time varies depending on location, temperature, weather, etc. Therefore, the actual recharge time may be different.
2. Keep your portable power station away from heat and direct sunlight to extend its life span during recharging.

Power Outdoors For The Whole Family


The Rockpals Freeman 600 offers power-to-go in a compact, lightweight design featuring multiple connections to charge your mainstream gear and more. Never worry about a wall outlet or long extension cords. So feel free to go and explore the great outdoors and run your appliances like a blender, pellet smoker, projector, and tools. It can also be used as an emergency backup power supply to run lights, laptops, phones, a small fridge, a CPAP, and other devices in the event of a power outage.

Rockpals Freeman 600w Safety Backup Power Station

Handy During Power Outage, Care Families, Cpap Power Backup

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