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Ravin R29X Crossbow Package

Ravin R29X Crossbow Package

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R29X Crossbow XK7

R29x Sniper Package XK7

The Ravin R29X took first place in our 2020 crossbow test, and by all accounts, it's the greatest crossbow we've ever evaluated at that time. Ravin still has a handful of accessory bundle alternatives open. A scope with six bolts and a quiver are included in the basic box. A jack plating variable elevation mounting (for extreme-range shooting), sight level, six quality bolts, and a quiver are included in the Sniper package, which costs extra. The crossbow is the same in both packagings. We at Hunting Giant like to take it up a notch and we offer a free Ravin soft crossbow case or for a considerably small fee choice of a Ravin hard case or SKB case, which by the way fits both R29x sniper package and R29x crossbow.

How R29X sniper package is different from R29?

The R29X crossbow from Ravin is a more advanced version of the firm's ordinary R29 crossbow. The "X" indicates that a 400-grain arrow will be launched at 450 fps with 180 ft.-lbs of ballistic force. Despite its increased strength, the Ravin 29X maintains the sequel's modest 6.75-pound (bare) weight and 9-inch overall widest point width when cocked, making it agile and simple to handle in the woods.

The new Ravin r29x, which comes with a seamless integration Silent Cocking System, reaches a new astonishing speed of 450 frames per second. The Ravin R29X crossbow, which features an ergonomically shaped handle, is easy to use in small situations and provides hunters and shooters with excellent control and precision.

With their Ravin r29x model, Ravin Crossbows struck the nail on the head. It's no surprise that it's one of the most sought-after crossbow models.


R29x Package Includes:

  • 6 – Ravin .003 Arrows & Field Tips (400 Grain Total)
  • 1 – Removable Draw Handle
  • 1 – Quiver/Mounting Bracket
  • 100 Yard Illuminated Scope
  • Built-In Cocking Mechanism
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety
  • Built-in Sling Mounts

R29X sniper Package Includes:

  • Tactical Crossbow Scope
  • Jack Plate Adjustable Elevation Mount
  • Scope Level
  • 1 – Removable Draw Handle
  • 1 – Quiver/Mounting Bracket
  • Built-In Cocking Mechanism
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety
  • Built-in Sling Mounts
  • 001 premium arrows for shooting perfection.
  • All Ravin XK7 crossbows, except those in Sniper packages, come with an illuminated scope that integrates an all-new speed lock. This locking ring gives hunters confidence that their scope remains dialed in when it’s time to pull the trigger.

The Ravin R29X is a high-end "flagship" level crossbow built for dedicated hunters who are willing to pay a premium for performance, particularly those wishing to increase their effective range. We don't recommend shooting a game from 100 yards with a crossbow, but the Ravin R29X can accomplish it in the appropriate circumstances.

The HeliCoil cam technology is used in all Ravin crossbows, allowing the cams to spin 340 degrees for crushing force in a small package. Ravin instead provides the needed cocking effort rather than draw weight information (more on that system in a bit). That makes sense since, like many high-performance crossbows, cocking a Ravin by hand is difficult.

When the bolt is loaded, it is maintained in the bow by a typical nock and a rest at the bow's front; there is no contact with the barrel in between, which ensures great accuracy. All Ravin crossbows employ the same 400-grain finished arrow, and the Ravin R29X is the quickest yet.


We've tried a lot of crossbows, and the Ravin R29X is the most accurate one we've ever seen. At 50 yards, three-shot groups averaged just 0.7 inches (we busted a few bolts in the process). In 2020, nothing else in the test came close to that degree of precision. The Ravin R29X was the quickest crossbow in the test, and according to our stopwatch, it exceeded its quoted speeds by about 7 feet per second. It also featured a fantastic trigger, with a draw weight of 2.03 pounds on average.

Aside from precision and raw power, one of the most appealing features of a Ravin crossbow for hunters is the crossbow's trademark small shape, which makes it simpler to use in a treestand or ground blind. When cocked, the R29X is only 6 inches broad. Shooters benefit from a long power stroke (equal to a crossbow's draw length) without a gangly barrel thanks to the HeliCoil technology. The Ravin R29X is just 29 inches long overall while having a 12-inch barrel.

Silent cocking system

Despite this, all of the Ravin crossbows we've tried have been quick, precise, and little. The R29X's most important impact on the system is its Silent Cocking System, which removes the preceding versions' trademark boat-trailer-ratchet-like sounds, which could be clearly audible from 100 feet away on a calm morning. When you activate the rivet and twist the grip, the bow's line is simply, securely, and quietly dragged into position.

HeliCoil Technology

While numerous features and technologies lead to the R29X's popularity, it's the HeliCoil Innovation that has allowed for a plethora of new implementation and quality possibilities. Two helical cable grooves on either side of the cams coil cables away from the cams during the draw operation, giving it its name.

This constantly shifts the pitch and location of the wires, minimizing collision and enabling for a nearly 340-degree over-rotation. Greater rotation results in a longer power stroke and, as a result, greater bolt speeds – the R29X has 450 fps. The coiling action also helps accuracy by keeping the cams level during the draw and shot cycles.

The cable system is also innovative, as there is no cross-over like a traditional crossbow. Instead, four independent short connections, one on each side of the cams, connect straight to a clamp on the rail – no torque-inducing bends, no rail roughness, and no cable sliding required.

Helicoil technology is just one of the standout features that Ravis has to offer. Both r29 crossbow and r29x sniper package has it.

Silent cocking/uncocking system

Ravin's completely integrated quiet cocking/uncocking technology, which reduces the shooter's cocking force to only 12 pounds, was debuted on the R29X. The revolutionary Versa-Draw is incredibly small, fitting within the limited stock on this rig. For ambidextrous operation, just the crank connection is visible on either side of the stock.

The Versa-Draw is connected to the Trac-Trigger Firing System by a single strap that functions in full quiet while cocking or uncocking. If you lose your hold during cocking, a brake stops the crank from free-wheeling; however, this is not the case when uncocking. A clutch is also included in the system to avoid overdrawing. The crank may be removed and mounted on the quiver when not in use.

Trigger on a Trac

The Trac-Trigger Firing Mechanism is another distinctive characteristic on all Ravin crossbows (TTFS). The trigger box is generally placed in a movable sled that goes up and down a rail track. It starts in the docked position at the back of the rail and is released by pressing the spool thumb button, allowing it to travel forward in the precise middle of the string every time. The TTFS responds with an audible click when correctly placed upon the string and immediately engages the anti-dry-fire system and trigger safety. The anti-dry-fire device is moved out of the way and the safety lever may be put in the "fire" position by restoring the sled to the docking position and loading a Ravin bolt (special nock).


The R29X is a minimalist's aspiration at 6.75 pounds (bow alone), 29 inches long overall, with an axle-to-axle width of six inches when cocked. The RTP stock is streamlined, with an open shape and low profile, spanning from the butt plate to the flared foregrip in a single piece. Comfort and control are provided by rubber building standards on the butt plate, clip, and handguards, while "safety wings" keep the gunman's hands underneath the control tower and out of mortal danger.


It's unusual to see anything as impactful as the Ravin crossbow design if you test goods for a living. They've undoubtedly become the most popular crossbow brand on the market in only a few short years, though we don't have access to sales numbers. We weren't sure if hunters would be ready to pay such high fees for a crossbow at first. The fact that the R29X Sniper package is already sold out on the Ravin website demonstrates how successful these crossbows have become.

Versa draw cocking system

In short, it is a great perfectly balanced, and high-quality r29x sniper package that has a versa draw cocking system, fully integrated silent cocking, predator dusk camo, built-in sling mounts, quiver mounting bracket, field tips 400 grain, jack plate, and removable draw handle.

The cocking mechanism provides kinetic energy which helps cams to rotate. The Ravin R29X may be summarized as follows: It's fast (within 1 fps of the promised speed), super-compact and agile (feels like I could holster and draw it as quickly as a revolver in the Wild West), exceedingly easy to operate, and safe. And the trigger is sharp and light; our testing found a draw weight of 1 pound, 6 ounces. The R29X isn't cheap, though, but for the avid hunters is a great investment. It will serve you for years to come and the r29x sniper package costs $400 extra.

The Ravin R29X sniper package is nice to look at in a magazine or on the internet but to properly appreciate it, you need to get your hands on one. So do it!


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