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Merits S331 Pioneer 9 Bariatric 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter - w/ Extended Long Distance, Super Heavy Duty, 500 Lbs Weight Capacity, w/ Anti Flat Tires

Merits S331 Pioneer 9 Bariatric 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter - w/ Extended Long Distance, Super Heavy Duty, 500 Lbs Weight Capacity, w/ Anti Flat Tires

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Merits S331 Pioneer 9 Bariatric 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

  •  Weight capacity: 500lbs

  •  3-wheeled outdoor scooter

  •  Heavy duty type

  •  One piece frame to increase strength

  •  22" high back sliding captain seat

  •  Automatic safety turning half speed control by sensor

  •  Half speed control pre-setting on the upper dashboard provides safety

    FREE With Purchase:

    Hydraulic Adjustable Tiller ($169 Value)
    Headlight/Tail Light Set + Turning Signal & Hazard Light Set ($158 value)
    Charger ($99 value)
    Front Basket ($49 Value)
    Lifetime Frame Warranty (Priceless)
    Lifetime Customer Support (Priceless)


    On some scooters you have to remember to brake/stop your scooter. You don't want to be out riding and forget to hit the brakes so you hit something and cause a terrible accident! Our ElectroMagnetic brakes automatically stop your scooter completely so you don't have to worry about that!  This is designed to lower the chances of accidents and injuries for your maximum safety.

    Electromagnetic brakes are the safest brakes in the industry.  When you let off the throttle, it automatically activates the brake system.  It is a safe way for the rider to stop by giving a smooth slow down to a gentle and effective stop

    Not only are the brakes Electromagnetic but they're also regenerative. Figures provided by experts states that regenerative brakes are around 60-70% efficient. More than that, because regenerative braking systems rely on the motor itself more than they do separate components, the brakes are far more durable and require less frequent maintenance


    We've heard countless horror stories of our customers being out on a family day out and all of a sudden, POP! Their wheel got busted and it completely ruined their family day out because now they aren't able to get around anymore. Not to mention the headache of repair cost for your new tires. You don't have to worry about that at all with our Anti Flat Tires! Never have to ruin your day ever again because of a flat!



  • The average mobility scooter on the market goes on average 10 miles per charge in distance. Not your S331 Pioneer 9. Among one of the longest distance in the entire industry, your Scooter's drive range can get up to 32 miles per charge. That's equivalent to over 480+ Football fields! Before you decide on another scooter, think about the longest commutes you'll have. Think about a long day out at the zoo, or even amusement parks with family. You want to make sure you get the perfect option to suit your needs for long distance rides so you never have to worry about running out of juice and being stuck somewhere, having someone push you around.

    Model S331
    Seat Width 22"
    Seat Depth 20"
    Seat Height 16"-19"
    Backrest Height 22"
    Overall Length 53"
    Overall Height 47"
    Overall Width 27"
    Total Weight 249 lbs
    Weight Capacity 500 lbs


    Max Speed   6mph
    Range up to 32 miles
    Turning Radius 50"
    Ground Clearance 4"
    Motor DC 24v, 400w
    Controller Dynamic Rhino 160
    Battery 12V/Group 24(70AH-80AH) x 2pcs
    Charger 6A off-board
    Gradient 12°
    Casters 10" flat free
    Drive Wheels 12.5" flat free
    Brakes intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
great item...

The staff did a great job in suggesting this scooter to me. It's a perfect match. I’m very happy with this product and this staff.  It's fantastic.


My wife adores it and is overjoyed. Very comfortable and simple to operate. If you need a scooter, this one is very nice. Durable and dependable!

I love My Scooter

My scooter is fantastic! It is a comfortable seat that is easy to use both indoors and outdoors. It runs perfectly.

Irene M.
durable scooter

The Merits S331 Pioneer 9 Bariatric 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter has exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much!

will recommend

Looked very good and was extremely easy to maneuver. I will recommend the Merits Scooter.

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