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Merits P312 Dualer Compact FWD/RWD Long Distance Power Chair - 180° Swivel Seat, 300lbs Weight Capacity, w/ PU Anti-Flat Tires

Merits P312 Dualer Compact FWD/RWD Long Distance Power Chair - 180° Swivel Seat, 300lbs Weight Capacity, w/ PU Anti-Flat Tires

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Merits P312 Dualer Compact FWD/RWD Power Chair


  •  Weight capacity: 300lbs

  •  2 in 1 powerbase

  •  Very easy to convert from rear to front wheel drive: just release and rotate the chair 180°

  •  The unique compact size is designed for maximum maneuverability in narrow spaces and walkways

  •  New users may start with the RWD and later move on to the FWD to enjoy the direct-drive direct-response feeling

  •  The turning radius is only 21"

  •  Low seat height of 22" provides excellent stability

  •  Ideal power chair for indoor as well as outdoor use



Most brands will offer a power elevating seat with their scooter, not with our Dualer. There is no additional cost for a power elevating seat. This will bring you more flexibility on your rides and another benefit to help with maximum comfort. Your seat can raise up an additional 5 inches at the push of a button to a height of 27".  Pair this with the Dualer's tight turning radius of 21", and now you have one of the most versatile, and unique power wheelchairs on the market bar none.  Merits Health is one of more notable brands in the space and back their products with one of the best warranty offers in the entire industry.




On some scooters you have to remember to brake/stop your scooter. You don't want to be out riding and forget to hit the brakes so you hit something and cause a terrible accident! Our ElectroMagnetic brakes automatically stop your scooter completely so you don't have to worry about that!  This is designed to lower the chances of accidents and injuries for your maximum safety.

Electromagnetic brakes are the safest brakes in the industry.  When you let off the throttle, it automatically activates the brake system.  It is a safe way for the rider to stop by giving a smooth slow down to a gentle and effective stop.   



We've heard countless horror stories of our customers being out on a family day out and all of a sudden, POP! Their wheel got busted and it completely ruined their family day out because now they aren't able to get around anymore. Not to mention the headache of repair cost for your new tires. You don't have to worry about that at all with our Anti Flat Tires! Never have to ruin your day ever again because of a flat! 


Standard Features:
  • Unit changes from rear to front-wheel drive with the swivel of a seat
  • 5-inch power seat lift
  • 16,18 or 20-inch ergonomic semi-reclining seats; up to 135°
  • 10-inch knobby drive tires for superior traction
  • Dual footplates for comfort and convenience


Technical Specs:

  • Max Speed: 5mph

  • Range: up to 18 miles

  • Turning Radius: 21″

  • Ground Clearance: 2″

  • Motor: DC 24V, 180W(rating)/ 630W(Max)

  • Battery: 12V/U1 x 2pcs

  • Charger: 5A off-board

  • Gradient: 12°

  • Casters: 8″ (200×50) PU tires

  • Drive Wheels: 10″(260×85) foam filled tires

  • Brakes: intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic





    • Seat Width: 16″,18″,20″

    • Seat Depth: 16″-18″

    • Seat Height: 23″-24″

    • Backrest Height: 20″

    • Overall Length: 35.4″

    • Overall Height: 48″

    • Overall Width: 24″

    • Total Weight: 273 lbs

    • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

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