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Head Turner

Love the look, feel and ride of the bike.
Everyone always comments how they love the look of the bike
Battery longevity ok, should be bigger to last longer. Usually sufficient for 1hour constant in pedal assist mode.
Could also have integrated hard wired rear brake light
Over all happy with purchas and use everyday if it is not raining

Bakcou Mule

Thank you Lets Ebike for my Bakcou Mule. Shipped and recieved on time. Packaged very well. First ride uphill to treestand took only 6 minutes without sweating and used to take 30 minutes walking with alot of sweat. I look forward to enjoying many trail rides on the Mule

Great bike, great customer service!

I bought a Bakcou Storm and have almost 200 miles on it in 2 weeks. Will be buying another bike for my wife next season. THANKS!!

Great bike

Bike is fun to ride. But it is quite large and does not handle like a normal bike. It's not what you would call nimble. But it's not meant to be. It is the closest thing to writing a motorcycle without a motor. Bike looks great, turns lots of heads. I love the color display and the bike has lots of power. I would recommend the upgraded battery because the bike does require a lot of power because it's so heavy. But what a blast! I put slime in the tires first thing. If you ever get a flat on the road you're in trouble. It's almost impossible to turn the bike upside down and take the wheel off. A bike stand is the way to go.

commuter bike

I have had this bike since June of 2022. I have already put just over 1000 miles on it. I use it as a commuter bike and ride 26 miles a day on it. The only draw backs of the bike is the headlight is not near bright enough. It is very easy to out ride the light not to mention its more of a spotlight instead of a flood light. I have added a Lumina Micro 850 LED helmet light that takes care of what the other like is lacking. I also had a saddle bag come apart just after 2 months due to poor workmanship. Revi did replace it free of charge since it has a 1 yr warranty but still. The one thing I wish they offered was a front suspension fork it would make for a much smoother ride over the standard fork. Over all though I really like the bike I would recommend it. The battery seems to hold up well, it is well balanced and does draw a lot of attention and questions.

24" ST

Only problem so far has been that 21ah battery has been really hard to go in. I took the top plate off the bike battery area, and now it will go in and operate, but it is really hard to get it connected. But, I am loving it, only have 4.5 miles on it so far. Weather and traffic have been a problem. All else is awesome with it!!
Can't wait for hunting season now to put her to work.

I love the bike but

The bike came pretty quick but it had no tail light.

Bakcou mule great bike!

Bought this bike for getting back to my hunting spots that are very remote. I'm a traditional bowhunter, works great without getting all sweated up. Just love the bike.


The Bakcou mule has plenty of power to get up the steep grades around East Tennessee where I will be using it.
I put the trailer together and it will be very handy to haul my gear on.

Just Awesome!

Great price on the Bakcou Storm, love the Klarna 24 month 0%!! Will be buying another bike from them next spring for my wife. Virshon was incredibly helpful!

Great bike for the money

I wish I had bought this bike months ago. I do not have a car so I would bike everywhere. The Vortex really moves and gets me where I need to go with much less effort. I have had it for about a month and so far it has held up well, no problems. Overall very happy!

Everything was as expected and delivered on time.


Love this bike!! Delivery was right on schedule.
I put the bike together myself - took me approx 5 hrs total over a couple of days. Watch the YouTube videos!! Only problem was screwing one of the pedals on - I stripped the first couple threads and had to go to a bike shop to fix.
The bike itself is fantastic!

Great Bike

I’m a big guy and so far the bike has been great for me!

Jupiter E-bike

Overall, Good bike to have.

Wonderful Investment

I love my Jupiter X5 bike no more walking to work I get on n go it's easy to fold it's a little faster then I thought witch is great ppl turn there heads or stop me n ask me about the bike it's worth the money

The bike was promptly received. The bike is high quality. For years I raced bikes but after turning 83 I appreciate a little electrical help and this bike meets that need.

Does the job

Gets around 20 miles.

So far so good

Good for short back and forth trips.

Michelle Heatley

I love my new E bike it was easy to put together and it is exactly what I wanted I love riding every day I’m 63 years old and having so much fun

Jupiter ebike


I enjoy the bike. It is fine for 15-20 miles of riding. The seat is very comfortable. It is easy to pedal if you run out of power. What more could you ask for?

Love my bike

Love the classic look of the Cheetah. The rear rack with saddle bags and caged
headlight add the final touch. I was going to add rear view mirrors but have added rear view camera instead. The bike is well built and easy to assemble. Like I said, I love my bike. I get a thumbs up from everyone who sees it. If you love the classic look of an old school motorcycle, you'll love this bike.