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Great ebike!

Nice quality, nice price and a great ride!

Storm G2

Have had my bike long enough to hunt off if it twice. Even on days I don’t hear a gobble, I return to my truck with a smile on my face. Really like the bike. Can go places on it that I could never power through on my mountain bike and don’t have rubbery legs and sweat soaked clothes when set up.

great bike..

Rambo bikes sold me this Savage 750W bike, and I really enjoy it. I tested it on rocky terrains, muddy off-road tracks, and asphalt. It is definitely an all-rounder bike, suited for a wide range of riders and challenging areas. You may have a lot of fun with it, challenge yourself, go on different routes, and have an incredible journey with it.

Good bike

Sheila answered all of my inquiries immediately, and the Rambo Nomad is excellent. It makes life so much easier for me to ride it around the city. This is something I would recommend to a friend. Also, the service was excellent, therefore I give it a five-star rating.

best quality rambo

I got my bike today and I'm in love with it. I'm going on a weekend getaway. I'm very glad I chose this bike after doing so much research on electric bikes. Rambo Bikes are of the highest quality.

good value

We already received and rode our two bikes that we ordered... I'm looking forward to riding them again. The weather is cold, windy, rainy, and there is lightning.

So fun to ride !

Prior to reviewing the product, I'd want to compliment their customer service Sheila. They are quite helpful and friendly; they assisted me in selecting the perfect bike for my needs! Aside than that, The Rambo Ryder is great! battery, and general features are all outstanding.

exceed my expectations..

The Rambo Ryder 750Watt Bafang has exceeded my expectations. Overall, a great ride, and I'm looking forward to my next one!

love the service

Love our ebike....dealing with lets-e-bike has been a fantastic delivery was was packed perfectly...customer care has been extremely fast and helpful! Shiela was fantastic and promptly responded to all of my questions! I would definitely get another bike from this company!

great service

This company has your back. There were some shipping issues, but they were quickly resolved. I'm extremely impressed with their service, and they are a pleasure to work with.

excellent power motor

 Great ebike with enough of power. Very easy to ride, quiet, smooth, and fast when needed. I highly recommended anyone that is comfortable to manage. It looks awesome.

awesome bike..nice design...

I intend to use my bike primarily for deer hunting. I also intend to take enjoyment rides with my wife on the bike. This is a terrific bicycle. So far, I've ridden my bike for 50 kilometers and have thoroughly enjoyed every mile. The design is fantastic...well made!

love it

This bike is fantastic! Great  speed, and power for the steep section of the farm where I hunt, as well as making it easier on my elderly knees. My neighbors are envious of me.

good bike

The pricing was reasonable, and the delivery was quick. It was simple to assemble, and I've had a lot of fun riding it so far.

The best!

There is no better place to set up business. Friendly and well-informed. We did everything we could to ensure we obtained the greatest bikes accessible.

highly recommended

This bike is the perfect fit for me, and I did a lot of research before purchasing it. Electric bicycles are an investment. This one comes highly recommended.

great bike for the price

I just got my ebikes two days ago and am having a blast. I've already logged 30 miles in two days...running town allows me to get some exercise while still enjoying the outdoors.

Love my new ebike

I got the Rambo Megatron Bafang 1000w and it's fantastic! It's well-made and charming. The pedal help is exactly what I require for long distance running Sheila was extremely helpful in answering all of my inquiries. Customer service is outstanding. My purchase has absolutely satisfied me.

fantastic design...well quality made

So far, my favorite bike... Very excellent design, well-made, and a wonderful price! I would recommend anyone who is easy to work with. It looks fantastic.

highly recommended

I'm looking forward to the weekends when I'll be able to bike, ride, ride. This summer is going to be fantastic! I would highly recommend it!

fantastic power

The bike is fantastic, and the accessories are fantastic. The 750W motor has a lot of power. The entire bundle provided excellent value for money!

excellent service..

The Rambo Prowler Bafang 1000w Ebike is a favorite of my son's. It's an incredible bike! It's simple to set together and includes everything you'll need. Shiela was a pleasure to work with and was confident in her product.

good for fitness

My spouse just bought his ebike and he loves it... He has a terrible hip and weak knees, but he can now ride his bike to get some exercise.

Well designed, good quality worksmanship.

As an Engineer, I could really appreciate how this bike was well functionally designed. Everything went well with the easy assembly. I should say it’s 90% pre- assembled. Just need a few simple parts to put together. I wish there are more parts to assemble.since this is the part that I enjoy with a new toy. The only thing that I have to replace is the saddle since I wanted a larger one.
I wish the headlights and the tail lights were integrated into the battery system. I like the fact that one could hardly judge that this is an electric bike. The battery is smartly integrated and hidden into the frame.

My other electric bike is a Dutch style commuter, which limits my travel on paved surfaces. With this X-treme, I was able to enjoy the rough terrains with its functioning front and rear suspension. As a senior biker, loading it into my trunk is a bit if a challenge. However, i have a trick, I could easily manage by detaching the front wheel and removing the battery, before loading each one separately into trunk. I give it a 5 star. There is a little problem I saw on my first ride. There is a crack on the plastic battery monitor cover display mounted on the right side of the handle bar. I will contact the vendor.


the Bafang motor is very powerful and has the ability to climb hills in low gear. Installing and removing the battery is a little battle. My battery came with a zero % charge and that was a concern. I have since charged it up to 100% and it seems to be working fine. I have yet to take it off road and that will be the test that most concerns me. I am sure the bike will handle what I need it to do for me in a hunting situation.